The purpose of this website is to explain the intentions behind the writing of the Bipolar WINTER series. The book’s author, Samuel Steiner, began the project in 1994. Bipolar WINTER is a historical novel. While elements of the story are based on truth, the reader is left to decide what is real and what is fiction.
Below are the seven primary intentions behind Volume One.

Intention One

The first intention of the Bipolar Winter project is to apply pressure on the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church to make a formal apology for its support for the rise of Adolf Hitler. In 1995, Samuel Steiner introduced, under seal, background information to the United States (Federal) District Court for the Northern District of California which helped spur the extraction of said apology.

Intention Two

The second intention of the Bipolar WINTER project is to request that SDA church leaders immediately disclose and apologize for allowing past administrators to use their hidden hand in the development and administration of ratlines—escape routes for Nazis fleeing Europe at the end of World War II.

The author’s hope is that along with that apology, a confession will manifest concerning how and why SDA church administrators were allowed, under extreme secrecy, to control Catholic clergy, monasteries, and other resources to accomplish the goals of the ratlines.

Intention Three

The third intention of the Bipolar WINTER project is to reveal why Samuel Steiner was the first to ask that SDA church leaders investigate, disclose, and then apologize for former administrative secret support in overseeing the move of Adolf Hitler to South America.

The project has also called for an apology for the help given by former church leaders in providing managers, protectors, and supplies for the needs of Josef Mengele, SS, Ph.D., MD, as he supervised a sophisticated life extension program in South America.

Intention Four

The fourth intention of the Bipolar WINTER project is to expose the influence of the SDA church’s hidden hand in retiring The Fourth Reich, after the death of Dr. Mengele, and the ushering in of The Fifth Reich—the infiltration of Nazi adult children, vast wealth, and influence into specific corporations, banks, churches, media, military, and political establishments in North and South America and Europe.

Intention Five

The fifth intention of the Bipolar WINTER project is to expose a secret plan allowing specific SDA church administrators to manage the Catholic Church’s monetary and administrative resources while simultaneously leading the development of a one world government run by the Holy See.

Bipolar WINTER also exposes how, why, and when the SDA church adopted the Catholic doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

Intention Six

The sixth intention of the Bipolar WINTER project is to expose how United States vs. Samuel Steiner served as an experiment for using, with deep deniability, closed orders, religious blood oaths, fake news, manufactured records, the SDA church president, and lying by omission as means to bring about a false indictment, false conviction, and false imprisonment.

Bipolar WINTER also exposes how adopted stories and individuals with unified religious belief systems and ideologies can be used as means to destroy a person’s ability to manage his own life and family, control a company, and even govern a country.

Intention Seven

The seventh and final intention of the BipolarWINTER project is to acknowledge the contributions of Ellen White in the areas of nutrition and wellness.

White predicted that the SDA church would become the world’s leader in developing breakthroughs in diet, artificial intelligence, biogerontology, health management, and life extension research. While BipolarWINTER makes no endorsement of White or her teachings, the project explains the benefits of adopting daily habits based on her findings.

To that end, the BipolarWINTER project encourages the reader to study how and why breakthroughs in life extinction are expected by the year 2027 with the help of dry laboratories.

The project also reveals how the science of resurrection will become the most important field of research in the world of biogerontology.